Pubg not free long you have to pay for pubg

PUBG Mobile can now offer Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions for users. PUBG Mobile is currently restricted to some countries. But soon it will be made available to all users globally. This information has been given by popular YouTubers Mr.Ghost Gaming and All the news is good news. These people have claimed that the new subscription model has been made available on the KRJP server. However, its information has not been given at this time when it will be implemented in India.Pubg not free

Learn what the price of the subscription will be:

According to the news, the charge of Prime Subscription will be $ 0.99, or about 71 rupees. At the same time, the charge for Prime Plus subscription will be $ 9.99 or $ 713. However, the introductory price of Prime Plus Subscription will be around $ 4.99 ie around 356 rupees. In the Prime Subscription, users will be given 150 UC including Daily Rewards. At the same time, Prime Plus Subscription will be given 20 UC daily (600 UCs a month) for one month, including 300 UCs. That is, 300 + 600 900 UCs will be given in one month.

Apart from this, some other features can also be offered in PUBG Mobile soon.

Zoombie Mode:

Players in PUBG Mobile will be able to fight 98 different Zombies in different gameplay modes in this mode. At the same time, in classic mode so far players either fight alone or fought with their squads. However the mode may only be played on the minor version of Erangel map.

Apocalypse Theme:

There is hope for a new theme in PUBG season 5. In this season 4, users were able to see the White Winter theme with the Vikendi Snow Map. In Season 5 can find Apocalypse theme in Zombie mode. There are many clothes and frills that can be expected and introduce fire patterns in the new season.Pubg not free

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