The mobile phone engaged in charging, the young man’s life,

The mobile phone engaged in charging

Another news of the bursting of mobile phones in charging has come up. In this one young man died, while the other was badly injured. The matter was from Agra in Uttar Pradesh, where these two youths were listening to singing by charging earphones in mobile charging. The news of explosion and fire in the smartphone are being heard quite a lot nowadays. That’s why we are giving you some very important information today, which can be saved by a large number of such accidents by yourself.The mobile phone engaged in charging

Do not use duplicate chargers

Most users buy Local Charger when the phone’s original charger gets spoiled. It can be fatal. Local charger is not suitable for saving some money. Always use your phone’s original charger. Duplicate or charger of another phone increases the likelihood of explosion.The mobile phone engaged in charging

Charging with car charging ads

Car charger should be used to use in long journeys. That too when you have no other option of charging besides this. Always try to avoid its long and regular use.

Do not sleep by holding a phone under pillows

Due to the habit of checking the phone by late night, people often fall asleep under the pillow. Do not do that at all. Gold can be dangerous by placing a phone under pillows, because of the heat trap, the device’s temperature increases, the pressure is also on the device.

Avoid charging power strip extensions

There is an extension board and strip in everyone’s home. It has the power to supply power to many electronic items simultaneously. Some people even put their phones on the charge in it. Doing this can be dangerous for you as well as the phone.The mobile phone engaged in charging

Do not keep shirts or t-shirts in the pocket

In the front pocket of shirt, T-shirt or vest, mobile phone should not be kept. The danger of cell phone radiation is an issue, it may be more dangerous to have a heart attack in the face of a phone burst.

Do not charge in direct sunlight

The phone should never charge in Direct Sunlight. Often people do not care when they charge the phone on a charge that there is no direct sunlight on it. Take special care of it, otherwise the phone can be damaged.

Do not charge the phone overnight

Many people have to put the phone on charging for overnight use, do not do it in any way. It is harmful for both phone and battery.

Keep away from flammable materials

Keep your phone away from flammable materials such as clothes, cotton or beds. Also, avoid using the phone on the petrol pump.

Do not use local or duplicate batteries in the phone

If you want to replace the battery of the phone, always carry the phone brand’s original battery. Never use inexpensive and useless quality battery phones.

Do not call if hot

If the phone is too hot due to continuous use, then let it normal for a while. Do not use it continuously when heated.

Avoid charging by putting case and cover

Charging the phone with a thick case or cover also increases its temperature and can be battery damaged. First remove the case or cover and then charge the phone.

Do not charge with cheap power bank

The use of power bank has become a necessity, but cheap power banks can also damage the phone. Always use the power banks of branded and trusted companies.

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