Whatsapp Account Can Stolen, Learn How To Recover

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Whatsapp has become the primary messaging app of crores of users today. Users use it for photo and video sharing as well as chatting. Along with this, it is being used for office and business too. In this way it is very important to keep the Whatsapp account safe. Well, the specialty of Whatsapp is that only one device can be operated from one number. To create an account, OTP will also come in the same number on which you want to run Whatsapp app. Whatsapp Account Can Stolen

However, this possibility can not be completely denied even that access to the number and OTP can steal the account of a user. That’s why we are telling you today about tricks from which you can avoid account theft and recover it in the event of the account being stolen.

Such a theft can account

It is possible that your mobile phone may be handled by an unknown person and access the mobile number as well as the OTP. In this case, he can log in with your number and run the Whatsapp account. Once the account is stolen, you need to take the safety steps quickly. First of all, tell your family and close friends that someone else is playing Whatsapp with your number. However, because the messages are encrypted, the third user will not be able to read your old messages on any other device.

Recover account

To recover your account, sign in again on WhatsAppAet on the device. For this, you have to enter your phone number and the OTP (one time password) coming on it. After that, your account will be logged again and at the same time your account will be logged out of unknown user device and it will not be able to access it.

Two-step verification required for rescue

You can log on to the Whatsapp web site and log out of all the computers, because it is possible that someone is using your account from there. Also, go to settings and enable two-step verification. This makes WhatsApp Ads even more secure. Whatsapp Account Can Stolen

Do not OTP share

Never share a 6-digit one-time password coming to the phone for Whatsapp app login. It works like a key and opens the account. Whatsapp never asks you for a verification code. If there are any calls or messages, do not trust them. Whatsapp Account Can Stolen

Set PIN or password on phone

It is important that you keep the phone safe and also use the protection on it. Opening the pattern is easier than a PIN or password. It is important that you set a PIN or password in the phone and make sure that no phone is used incorrectly. Whatsapp Account Can Stolen

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