Is the phone’s storage full? Follow these tips

RAM and storage play a huge role in the phone. You might have noticed that many times when it comes to clicking the photo or making video or downloading something, the phone receives an alert for low storage. Due to the low storage, you can neither download nor click any photo click. In this way we are telling you a few ways that you can increase your phone’s storage:

Is the phone's storage full

1- To remove the phone’s storage problem, it can be removed by removing the files by connecting it to the computer, but sometimes you need to reduce the storage immediately. Not necessarily all the time you have a computer available. First of all, check out which apps are the ones that are taking the most space.Is the phone’s storage full?

2- If you have an Android smartphone, you can clear the cache by going into settings. This will increase the phone’s storage. If you do not have any work apps, you can delete them. By doing so, the phone’s storage will increase.Is the phone’s storage full?

3- If you are an iPhone user, go to settings and click General and then click Storage and iCloud Storage. Now go to Main Storage. Here the phone’s storage and its division will be visible. From here you can delete those files which are not working.

4- Many times our phones contain extremely old messages and useless photos, which we can not delete. Remove them from your phone immediately.

5- Many times we also download the email related files that are saved in the phone itself. They also take a lot of space in the phone. So delete them too.

6- If you feel that you have removed all useless things from the phone, and despite this the storage is not increased, it would be better if you have put photos, videos and other work items in the phone, in the cloud storage. Save. Cloud Storage is a better option for archiving any data.

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