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Do you know how CPU work in 10101 binary format CPU have very smallest transistor its size is 14 nano meters in example your head one hair can be replaced with 150 transistors cpu explanation

do you transistor passes the current if transistor passes the current its value is 1 and transistor not pass the current its value is 0 see image which light is on cpu take as 1 and which lights off take as cpu 0

Turn lights off is 1

Turn lights off is 0

1 0 0 1
1×1 2×0 4×0 8×1
1 0 0 8

Answer = 9

32 Transistor store 0 to over 4 billion

how cpu process binary to text?

A 1 00001
B 2 00010
C 3 00011
D 4 00100
E 5 00101
F 6 00110
G 7 00111

How Cpu Process Dog Name

4 15 7
00100 01111 00111

Image In Binary

Images video and other graphic have mini dots which called pixel That pixel have color and every color have color code like #255 in video have 3 billion pixel in 1 minute video cpu explanation

Yellow 4 00100


Fetch:-Taking data from memory

Decode:-Understanding the Instruction and converting binary to dicimal

Execute:-what instruction cpu get that execute

Save:-After execute what result get that save

That is one cycle of processor if 1 cycle in 1 second it called 1hz

1gh =1×10 power 9

What is core

CPU and even order electronics these days shopping online attack in forest How was the case if you like meditek Vicky Donor PC game you family Sen advice around airport from friends that super high and cpus with many cores are hyper threading and something like apple i7 139 Asian Games was badminton final score on the hardware why are people spending on a powerful CPU Only Twice in a concept Optimisation which means splitting of programs workload across multiple processing forest so computer can work on two different parts of the same word at the same time what is Apple what’s a you want to know what 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 in a single core CPU with first multiply 5 x 4 ticket Pune and no profile assigned to get sick and so on and so forth however in dual core CPU assign 5 x 4 1 4 and 3 X 2 to the other for both houses at the same time and multiply the result singer actively saving time is it doesn’t matter what you do you execute instruction sent sent you just tell me the city remove the prime number is this problem is easy to paralyze no this is painfully simple example it does illustrate Houston programs can take advantage of multiple CPU cores because there for WhatsApp number crunching that can be easily speedup applications for video editing encryption file compression and even scientific research such as where the morning to all are some calculations that can be parallelized easily also computer GTU design for parallel computing is the same Idea holds true preventing 3D graphics in again this is my graphics design for processing why should be getting a CPU Windows Installer important aspects of games such as artificial intelligence responding the inputs and telling with GPU what happened

Hyper Threading

Husband on the 20 fastest ways for over it rain here and hear much my dear Lisa Fox most people know very well about itself but strong personality will say I am sitting 24 hours food or empty pocket I can only doing as 115 there if I can add more now like a process for this is one of the four processes to buy duracell friends among other things it’s not always possible that so I got just one now I can use my hand take up the phone. None of them have another by 1 – is busy if I finished my hand is 1 into 10 power minus is just sitting next to nothing if only I could use two hands to prepare food for man of N even know my mouth work and after I would it anytime I can do that that hyper threading 1 fastest and in thousands ke to make sure that is always working process usually hyperthreading? For single threaded words words we can only work on one thing at a time for example if you want to eat ice cream ice cream cone UK work on the bottom skip and jump rope skipping it been consumed and heaven help you if you try difficult. In this example there is no benefit sharing one out emotions the opposite of beating from A ball of Candy redding anything I went and it is it anyway depend on finishing the blue Candy that already in my mouth insect if I had some friends to how many days we can cancel the Candy very quickly by adding one hand and warmer this is an example of a notice writing for cloud and hyper sweating can definitely a process forcefully from the evening and allergy from back to the Vedas the dataset from hyper threading and know before processing for video editing 3D rendering and heavy multitasking on your PC video editing in Kuwait examples 100mb process for the next 4 days cute up because of Odisha your PC doesn’t happen gas what can I do in the next frame authority no this is not a notice asking example 1 parsec in handling your light lyric Skype in music playback anti-virus warning a power hungry video game in the phone so what are the fastest man in my settings is not Elappara so what are the way hacksaw which is the fastest free PC the first thing I hope you got it this is that whatever Task Manager my fair hyper sweating is not the same as debal in a processing forest it’s basically at weather check for more efficient cancelling a PO work that is done by the processing for the you have in also increases power consumption and hero automobile for the benefits usually away this product in the way where we can get huge double digit performance improvements all the way to know performance improvement of and in very rare cases even very speed increase performance depending on how software is optimised so it’s important to do you research purpose of really running if the work in tuition have a multithreaded the numerator justice how to save you money and by processor is it doesn’t have hyperthreading most danger right now for example can take advantage of more than a couple of reds however if the work you do is heavily notice read and remember this general rule hyperthreading is better than no hyperthreading what is not nearly as good as having more physical processes in idea what was the physical processes equal pressure reading is better

What is central processing Unit

Cpu can understand only 10010101 its

The CPU, which means the Central Processing Unit, processes the input data, both the Central Processing Unit and the Semantic Metric Logic Unit together combine arithmetic calculations and logical calculations and process the data as the computer’s brain Let’s know what is the Central Processing Unit –

In the Computer Architecture, the Central Processing Unit lives in the center with the input unit, the data and instructions are entered into the computer and after that the Central Processing Unit data Processes and gives you output, it takes the help of two parts in processing the data, Arithmetic Logic Unit and Control Unit –

Prior to processing, the data which is in the primary memory and the instructions are transferred to the semantic logic unit and there is the process of processing them.

The results that get results from the Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) are primary memory And after the processing has ended, the data left in the primary memory or the end result is an output div. You are delivered through the Output device cpu explanation

When to take data from input device, when data is stored in the store unit, when to take data from the value, and when the data is processed, when it is processed, to send it to the output device. It works all the control units

Arithmetic Logic Unit

Arithmetic Logic Unit is work on arithmetic calculation and logical calculation such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and <,>, =, yes or no cpu explanation

Control Unit

The control unit controls all activities happening in the computer and synchronizes between the activities of input, output devices, and the Arithmetic Logic Unit.

What Is GHZ in Processor
You have understood the processor, but the word that determines its capability is also Gigahertz, we have read that the more Gigahertz the processor will be, the more powerful it will be, but it’s gigahertz (Gigahertz), let’s know –

Before understanding GHz, we have to understand Hertz or CPU Clock Rate or CPU Clock Speed, there is a type of clock in the processor, the number of times it spins in one second, that is,

the amount of time it takes to calculate is called Clock Speed. And the unit of this clock is Hz, that is, if your CPU has a capacity of 1 Hz, Clock Speed ​​will be assumed 1 cycle per second
Now look at this table – cpu explanation

1 gigahertz = 1000 MHz = 1000000kHz = 1000000000 Hz
1 megabyte = 1,000,000 bytes = 1024 kilobytes = 1024 Hz
Thus 1 Gigahertz means 1,000,000,000 Hz, which means if your processor says it is 2.1 GHz, then it will have its Clock Speed ​​i.e. it is 2.1x 1000000000 = 2100000000 kilobyte data in 1 second Can do. cpu explanation

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