What is Memory and how many types of Memory

Your memory has become weak, have you spoken such a thing, if no answer is there, but you must have said something like that someone has said that your condition has become weak, then this word is called memory. So, whatever we have to do, keep doing that work by storing it in a place, as if it is remembered by us and the name of the place is mind, such a computer keeps that memory which is also called Storage, Computer Memory is a place where we store Data and Instruction which we can remove whenever we want, from that memory to Data.

So, how does Computer know where the Cones Data and Instruction have been placed, for that computer memory has been distributed in small pieces and the size of this volume is the same. These are called cells. Every cell knows address which is called Memory Address. And memory address means cell is address, computer finds the data hidden where the data is hidden (Data such as your Mobile Number, Mp3, Video, File) all live in one cell, starting with cell address 0 The number of cells in which the cell has been divided is less than its last address, for example, the memory of Lello 5KB, and its cell size is 1 byte, then there are 5 × 1024 = 5120 cells of memory, which means that the tanks will be formed and so 5120 address, then in the computer there are 3 kind of different jobs and all the other The above.

1.Primary Memory

2.Secondary Memory

3.Cache Memory

What is Primary Memory

This memory is also called main memory, this memory holds the same data and instruction as the data currently used by the computer. The space for this memory remains limited, the data remains in it until the power means electricity when the power is off Data disappears. It is made of semiconductor. Their speed is low, compared to the registers. Any data and instruction inside the computer processed in this main memory. It has two categories:



Random Access Memory, is also called Direct Access Memory, this memory is more frequent in the computer in lesser size compared to Secondary Memory like your mobile has 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB. So the next question what is the function of RAM, whenever you run your mobile, you can play a game, run a lot of applications, edit, etc. For all of this, mobile needs space and this space comes from RAM and By taking a simple example, I tell you, when you play cricket, if you go to the bathroom and do not play it then you need more space, such as in the playground or in the street, so whenever you work anywhere in mobile Do all that work in memory Not that she RAM itself, so to speak of RAM more then the more Application can be found in your Mobile with a

What does RAM do when you listen to a movie or listen to a song or live in a movie memory card, what the CPU does is remove the movie from the memory card and plays the movie in RAM. The more applications you run together, the more RAM will be used. mobile will be slow and hang it so keep RAM as free as possible. It becomes empty when electricity stops inside the mobile. Let’s see if your mobile phone is locked, that means if you have 4 to 5 applications open in your mobile and you turn off your mobile and then on again you will see that all your applications are closed so that Memory is also called Volatile Memory, you know what RAM is. Now we will learn about the Characteristics of RAM

Characterstic Of Ram

You know about RAM but you know its properties. You should also know this. Let’s know.

  1. RAM is Volatile Memory. 2. It is more expensive compared to other memory 3. Its capacity is lower than Secondary Memory. 4. Speak of Speed So it gets a lot of speed with Secondary Memory 5. When memory is stopped, this memory is empty. 6. All Programs, Applications, Instruction are carried out in this memory.7. This memory uses CPU 8. It is also called Computer Working Memory.
  2. Now I will tell you how many types of RAM are and what are they, there are two types.

1.Static Ram

2.Dynamic Ram

Static Ram

It is known from the Static word that is stable, that means the data will remain in it as long as the electricity will remain in it. It is also called SRAM. These Chip 6 uses the transistor and no capacitor, the transistors should not power to prevent leakage. These power mean electricity. There is no need to refresh this repeatedly. SRAM needs more chips than DRAM. To store the data of the same size. Therefore, it takes more money to build SRAM than DRAM, so SRAM is used according to Cache Memory, Cache Memory is the fastest of all.

Characteristic Of SRAM

It lasts for very long days.

No need to refresh it again. It is quite fast.

It is more of a size.

It is expensive to get it from others. You want more power.

Dynamic Ram

It is also called DRAM, it is the complete opposite of SRAM. It needs to be refreshed repeatedly, if the data is to be retained then It can be possible only when this memory is connected with a refresh CIRCUIT. Over time, this DRAM is used to make System Memory. This DRAM is made of a capacitor and transist

Characteristic Of DRAM

This bottle runs for fewer days. It needs to be refreshed repeatedly. It is quite slow. It is used for memory. Its size is low. Cheaper than others. Want less power.

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