Android apps can steal your data, keep it safe

Android apps can steal your data

At present, users often question the security of personal data of users. Often news of hacking of apps keeps coming. An app like Facebook is also targeted for breaking user’s personal data. Because of this, you look at the add based on your search history.
The search engine Google announced an updated privacy and security policy in Developers Conference I / O 2019. Google will soon launch an updated version of Android’s Android Q. If you are worried about your privacy, then through some tips you can keep your data secure.Android apps can steal your data

Do not give the application all permissions

Sometimes it is seen that some applications ask you for such a permit that there is no relation to their functioning. Like many weather applications, the weather-related applications ask you to call and camera access, but there is no requirement for your location and internet connectivity to perform a function.
Similarly, if a gaming app asks for access to the microphone, it means that the app can listen to your personal information. So if an app asks you for a permit that you do not feel is right, then permit the permissions. After this, if the app does not work properly then download another app as an option.Android apps can steal your data

Parmesans yoon manage

First go to phone settings
Go to the ‘Apps’ option
Tap on the app to manage the permissions
After that go to the ‘Permission’ section

After this you will see a toggle next to every permutation.
Turn the toggle on the permissions you want to give
Toggle off ahead of the permissions you want to deign Android apps can steal your data

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