Scientists made such cloth, which will give energy to small appliances from the heat of the body

The fastest extension technology in the modern times is happening, hardly any other thing is developing. Today you will be surprised to know which new wonders are happening in the world of science today. Now scientists have developed a garment that can give energy to your body heat, or to charge small electronic devices such as activity trackers, or charging them.

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In America, Trisha Andrew of Massachusetts Amherst University said that many bio-sensors, data transmitters and similar devices to be worn were designed in a constructive way to monitor health. He said that although they require a lot of energy and the energy or charging devices can be heavy. This study, published in Magazine Advanced Materials Technologies, has been told that by taking advantage of the difference between body heat and ambient cooler air, energy from the body can be generated which we can use to charge this type of fabric. .

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